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This page is about my collection of whisky labels .
At this moment I have more then 3550 different whisky labels.

The difference is found in brands in malt and blended whisky or bourbon,
different bottle sizes and different alcohol percentages, but also different
printing techniques and importers.
If you have labels please let me know it so maybe
we can exchange some labels.
I also have a lot of wine and beerlabels for trading purpose.

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Let's take a quick look at some bottle labels
taken from my collection or
see a scanned part (170+) of my labels.

If you collect them, please e-mail me!!
I have a lot of labels to trade, not only whisky labels
but also beer and wine labels
from the new and old world.


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A Glossary of Whisky terms


The name is an English corruption of the ancient name for spirits "water of life" - which in Scottish and Irish Gaelic is "uisge beatha" or "usquebaugh" and sounded to the English ear like "uishgi" and hence "whisky". "Alcohol" incidentally is an Arabic word.


means simply that the whisky was distilled and matured in Scotland. Whiskies are made in other countries, notably Ireland and Japan but whiskies they may be, and good ones even, but Scotch they are not. Scotch comes from Scotland.

Malt Whisky

This indicates that the raw material is barley malt, by itself fermented with yeast and distilled in a pot still. This produced a far superior whisky to the common grain whisky found in blends. Note however that just occasionally quality single grain whiskies can be found.


Malt is essentially barley which has been allowed to germinate by soaking in water then has been dried by the application of heat. The malting process converts the stored starch into soluble compounds such as the sugar maltose and by so doing makes fermentation possible. Drying the malt over a furnace stops the germinating process and lacing the furnace with peat imparts a peaty aroma to the malt.

Grain Whisky

Indicates by contrast that the raw material is unmalted barley, wheat or maize produced as a continuous process in a column still. There are eight grain distilleries in Scotland (an older source lists 15 note).

Single Malt

This indicates that the whisky was made in only one distillery and has not been blended with any other product from elsewhere. It may however contain whisky from several production batches over a period of up to a couple of years. There are rather fewer than 100 working malt whisky distilleries in Scotland with the dominant concentration in the Spey valley in north-east Scotland around Elgin. A smaller group of particularly characterful malt distilleries exists on the western island of Islay and there used to be a third group centered round Campbeltown. About 120 single malts can be identified including the bottled product of now-defunct distilleries.

Vatted Malt

Such a malt is a blend of single malts. This produces a product which is more consistent and can be "tuned" to bring out a particular character. Such whiskies may be less demanding and can form a convenient introduction to the rich and varied world of true single malts. Lovers of malts will argue that it is precisely this inconsistency that gives malt whiskies their charm.

Blended Scotch

Such a whisky contains a variable proportion of blended malt and grain whiskies, commonly about 40% malt:60% grain. A good quality blend may contain more than 40% malt, a cheap one much less. Many malts may be incorporated in the blend to provide bulk then fine elements of the final taste ("top dressing").




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Wine collection in a medieval cellar in Siena, Italy Wine collection in a medieval cellar in Siena, Italy >

Whisky- en Wijnhandel Verhaar


Koninklijke Cooymans B.V. Distillateurs en Wijnkopers sinds 1828



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  • Summer Isles Foods
    Summer Isles Foods, is a small, family-run smokehouse in Achiltibuie, dedicated to producing the finest smoked salmon, smoked fish, smoked meats, organic food and cheeses from across Scotland. The online shop contains a wide selection, from organic smoked salmon to our famous Achiltibuie kippers for you to choose from, all ready for home delivery. Our smoked salmon is enjoyed across the length of the country and in Achiltibuie you can visit the factory and see the smoked salmon being made, the smoked cheeses being packed and the smoked meats for sale in the shop. We specialise in providing our produce through our online shop and mail order.
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  • Sumy Distillery Pvt. Ltd
    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the largest manufacturer of alcoholic beverages in Nepal. Our products arebeing best product in the market. We are using the latest technology available. Blending of our products is performed under the expert guidance of our technologist, which gives the blends of selected spirit, malt and imported scotch whiskies containing natural flavors extracted from various rare herbs available only in various ranges of Himalayan mainly from Ramdung Peak , Chulu East, Ama Dablam , Cho Oyu, Pumori, Langtang, Ghandruk , Kanchanjungha Range . Presence of natural herbs extract of Himalayan ranges imparts unique flavor useful for our health. We produce the five well-known brands of liquor products viz. Gill Marry Whisky 40 UP, Wainscot Whisky 25 UP, Juniper Berry Dry Gin 40 UP, Old Flame Whisky 40 UP. Wainscot whisky is bottled in a special type of 750 ml, 375 ml and 180 ml bottle and each bottles has an attractive and non-refillable guala caps for its security point. Finally it looks really very nice in appearance with mono carton. A 20 ft container load will consist of 850 corrugated boxes equivalent to 10,200 bottles of 750 ml.
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  • Pub Jugs
    Harolds Pub Jugs
    Invites like-minded collectors to sell,swap or buy jugs advertising whisk(e)y. The popular jugs are commonly manufactured by Wade,Seton, Carlton, H.C.W. Also includes an insight into my vast collection of Whisky memorabilia
  • miniatures from Colombia
    miniature collector from Itagui, Colombia. 1100 miniatures from 50 countries
  • Celtic Whisky Compagnie
    Located in Brittany, Celtic Whisky Compagnie is the home of Celtic whisky, offering whiskies distilled in Scotland and Ireland and a unique Single Malt finished in Brittany.
  • Glenfiddich whisky / The Balvenie
    Information and history about the whisky.
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    Clanark Tartan Whisky - worldwide on-line supply of custom-labelled, gift packaged, competitively priced, finest, Highland & Island single malt and blended Scotch Whisky. The perfect, personalized gift for family, friends, colleagues and, of course, your good self.
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    Great Spirits is an importer and marketer of premium spirits including Knappogue Castle 1951, the oldest and rarest Irish whiskey in the world and Knappogue Castle Irish Single Malt Whiskey, vintage dated and Food & Wine magazine's "Spirit of the Year".
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  • Alternative Whisky Academy a non-commercial, non-selling whisky society, and we have quite a site containing tasting-notes, whisky index, link-exchange etc. etc.


WhiskyAuction World
The Martin Green Whisky Consultancy Martin Green specializes in sourcing and valuation of whiskies



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My interview (pdf) for the Dutch magazine "Whisky etc." Only in Dutch.





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